Customer Service

Choctaw-Kaul differentiates itself by focusing on employee safety, not just selling products. A Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) directs our knowledgeable account managers and customer service representatives. Furthermore, our employee compensation system is based upon customer satisfaction ratings, not sales commissions. This insures a high level of service without sales tactics.
Account Managers visit each facility on a regular basis and as needed to ensure that the safety equipment needs of employees are being met. Account Mangers:

– Investigate opportunities and implement strategies that will add value by reducing injuries and illness, improving performance, or reducing PPE costs without compromising protection
– Participate in and implement initiatives arising from PPE committees
– Organize safety promotions and participate in safety fairs
– Review injury/illness trends by area to identify and eliminate hazards through the use of proper PPE or through recommended administrative or engineering controls
– Investigate and resolve any problems involving supplied safety equipment
– Respond to urgent plant supply needs or concerns
Customer Service Representatives are available via telephone and email from 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday for customers placing orders or if you have any general product or delivery questions.