Glass Manufacturer / Procurement Director

We are very excited to have Choctaw-Kaul as our health and safety supplier. Choctaw-Kaul has provided our company with 20% cost savings on all our hot mill gloves. Choctaw-Kaul continues to deliver quality products with significant cost savings throughout our global operations.

Automotive Parts / Safety Manager

Choctaw-Kaul has a very competent staff that is always coming up with cost savings ideas on personal protective equipment. We are also very pleased with the number of safety trainings and services that Choctaw-Kaul has to offer.

Food Processing / Purchasing Manager

We chose Choctaw-Kaul as our main supplier, Simply put because they provide quality products and services at a substantial cost savings compared to our previous supplier. Our savings comes to roughly 25% across the board. We are happy with our decision and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Steel Manufacturer/ Plant Manager

We had been using the wrong PPE and exceeding our budget on several occasions until Choctaw-Kaul came along. Choctaw-Kaul was able to get us into the right fire retardant clothing and reduced our recordable injuries at an affordable price.

Automotive / Safety Manager

In March 2010 we selected Choctaw-Kaul as our safety supply provider. There were numerous meetings and pre-implementation discussions on how to kick off the contract at all 20 plants with little  resistance… Kevin Naso of Choctaw-Kaul was incredibly responsive, which was key to rolling out the new contract. With the almost immediate responses from him and the other weekly communications that were in place, we were able to roll out this contract in phases – the first took place in 45-60 days. Since this time last year, we’ve rolled out all 20 plants with ease and have had good success with regard to our relationship with Choctaw-Kaul and the cost savings we’re achieved. Overall this implemenation program allowed us to take time and do things right. As a result, Choctaw-Kaul is now a trusted partner to us and our plants and we look forward to years of mutual success.

Chemical Manufacturer / Director of Supply Chain Management

Prior to naming Choctaw-Kaul as our Corporate Approved Glove and Safety Supplier we were using roughly 200 variations of safety supplies in the hand, eye, ear and clothing protection areas. Not  only was Choctaw able to show us a 15% reduction on like for like items but after 3 months of working  with them we were able to consolidate our SKU base down nearly 85%. This SKU reduction resulted in a additional 15% savings. Not only is Choctaw-Kaul a supplier of ours they are also a long term partner.